We are cyclists, we are engineers and we come from a traditional textile family. Additionally, we are Swabian and therefore also somewhat pedantic when it comes to detail. So it is quite clear what we are using all these skills for, right?

Andreas and Stephan Wolfer,
founders of everve

Our passion for quality means you have fun for longer

Our sole focus is to develop our products for undisturbed comfort, our sole purpose is to enable you to be on the bike without irritation.


No compromises. None!

Compromises are called compromises because that is what they are. They are not solutions, we relentlessly refine the perfect interface between the athlete and the bike for seated comfort

The pursuit of perfection.

Perfect products are the ones where you no longer wonder if things could be diferent, but you wonder why you have been without them for so long. This is the kind of product we are aiming for.


Schwäbisch Engineering - The ultimate form of German Engineering.

Perfection for therider.

Our engineering heart follows our cyclist's soul, we are not satisfied unless state-of-the-art technologies make both heart and sole happy. Anyone who knows us Swabians knows that we are not making it easy for ourselves with this claim.


Radical ideas are not created by taking small steps

If we were satisfied with taking small steps, we would not have set up a company. We want to create something really new. With the 'me bibs' we have revolutionized bib shorts. With the upcoming ezero, we are going exactly down this uncompromising path.

Swabian home advantage.

Nowhere in Germany are so many innovators and first-class companies bourne. We like to talk about it so much and this is what makes us better.


Handmade in Albstadt – Engineering needs craftsmanship.


Art comes from skill.

And first-class tailoring can be found here, in Germany's historic textile triangle. More specifically, here in Albstadt.

We know our tailors. Some since our childhood.

We know not only what each of them can do, but also what kind of tea or coffee or beer they like to drink.


Short distances means for us: next door.

We do not base in Albstadt for sustainability or marketing reasons, we are based here for pedantic quality reasons. Sounds Swabian? That's the only way to make products that we're proud of


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